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Art dwarf trees in pots or known among lovers of bonsai plants is not a new technique. Even in Japan and China, this technique has been evolved from the time of the imperial dynasties hundreds of years ago. Only, the development of bonsai as no significant change. The trees are dwarfed merely ornamental and flowering plants.

Now, the lack of housing land to make the lovers of plants begin to innovate. Techniques membonsai plant was eventually begin to touch the tree to bear fruit. “Plant the fruit at first lived in a planting medium that takes land area. Then, they began to be cultivated in pots known as tanbulampot. Because tanbulampot considered still need big land, currently being developed bonsai fruit, “said AF Margianasari, Head of Production and Research Gardens PT Mekar Unggul Sari, Mekarsari Park management.

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Although both in pots, bonsai fruit and tanbulampot have differences. “Most notably, more dwarf bonsai fruit size and there is the aesthetic. While tanbulampot not see the aesthetic side. The important thing is bearing fruit and the plant remains healthy despite being in the pot, “said Riris, call Margianasari AF.

In terms of media any, bonsai fruit using a lot less media. “Bonsai is minimal nutritional fruit. Therefore, the media used must be able to maintain high humidity so that the plant is not prone to dryness and die, “said Riris. It should be noted, if the media seemed to have less and less or too dense, it needs to be added or replaced with new media in order to keep plants growing well.

Bonsai planting medium that is commonly used is a mixture of soil, husk fuel, ground sand, and gravel. How, bonsai is released from the pot, then half of the growing media attached to the roots removed and the other half is left still attached.

There Condition, Well!

Keep in mind, not all kinds of fruit trees can be a bonsai fruit. “The main requirement should be chosen to be bonsai perennials and woody. Generally, these plants have fruit shape is unique, attractive fruit color, and form a good branching, “explained Riris. So, what plants have been used as bonsai fruit?

“Plants Barbados cherry, sour Selong, tamarind, mango, mulberry, orange Triphasia, oranges kasturi, green coconut, and palm oil,” said Riris. For the location, although these plants do not require large tracts of land, but you still have to put the bonsai fruit in places exposed to direct sunlight. Minimum, the plants exposed to the sun for 3 hours in a day.

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